Gold Tone 5-string resonator banjo + magnetic pickup & hard case in Southam, Gloucestershire for sale

Gold Tone 5-string resonator banjo + magnetic pickup &

Gold Tone Maple Classic MC150RP with detachable resonator, plus Gold Tone SMP+ pickup and hard case
I bought this new about 5/6 years ago from Andy Banjo in Kent. I played it in my folk band at the time and received nice compliments on its sound. It’s a beautiful looking and beautiful sounding instrument but I’ve veered away from folk towards blues and jazz guitar in the last 2/3 years so it doesn’t get played anymore.
All maple construction, 2-point neck fixing with twin co-ordinator rods, geared 5th string tuning peg and 5th string spikes, cast alloy flat-top tone ring, planetary tuners. The resonator can be removed easily for open back playing. It is in pristine condition and has been very well looked after (never took it to any rowdy places!).
Also included is the Gold Tone Sliding Magnetic Pickup+ so you can plug in to and amp or PA. It works well and is much less prone to feedback that the microphone type pickups. Honestly, I’ve only used this a couple of times as the band didn’t turn out as I expected. It’s easily adjustable and easily removable as it is just held in place with clamps and bolts.
The hard case is also included. This holds the banjo well, but is about an inch oversized in diameter so it can accommodate the depth of the instrument (smaller case wouldn’t close with pressing down too much on the drum skin for my liking). I made some padding to fill the gap around the sides and it works perfectly well when going places by car. I wouldn’t trust posting this though as the banjo itself is very heavy so rough handling would probably do it an injury. Therefore collection only! Based in Southam, Warwickshire.
Strap, Shubb capo and new strings are included too.
The MC150RP currently sells for £575, the pickup was £125 and the case cost me £80, which totals £780, so £495 for the lot seems like a fair asking price in my opinion. Seems a shame to split it but if you'd rather not have the pickup the price will obviously be lower - just ask. As stated, everything is in immaculate condition.